Easy, fast and safe weather protection!

Easy, fast and safe weather protection!



A Finnish innovation that will revolutionize the way new roofs are built

(patent pending #201 459 50 and #201 752 17)



Vetokatto™ is a certified installation method for trusses, end elements and underlayment. Speed and safety of installation, weather proofing, affordability and high quality are the most important features of Vetokatto™. These features give the contractor peace of mind and ensure the lasting resale value of the house. Vetokatto™ has been developed for both small home-building and terraced house-building industries.

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How it works


Vetokatto™ is a factory-made and ready solution that includes the end elements, eaves, frame, underlayment and ventilation. The solution is delivered to the work site where it is lifted to one end of the building. After being supported, the roof is opened onto the upper reaches. This can be done immediately after erecting the wall elements. After opening the Vetokatto™, wind bindings can be installed according to plan. Vetokatto™ can also be installed in different types of house.



One of the biggest challenges facing the building industry is guaranteeing build-quality. Certification ensures the quality of Vetokatto™ installations and also raises the value for resellers. Vetokatto™ is only installed by trained professionals.



The building is completely protected from the elements immediately following the installation.



Vetokatto™ reduces material losses. Construction waste doesn’t accumulate on the site. Large expenses are prevented by the lesser use of a crane.



The end elements, frame, underlayment can be installed in half an hour once the wall elements are in place. A crane only needs to lift one element, reducing the time it takes to put up the roof considerably.



There is no need to climb on the frame before it is complete. The need for cranes and other equipment is significantly diminished.

high quality


The truss package is constructed in a factory. This secures high quality standards compared to the traditional construction method.

Vetokatto™, the brothers cooperation

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Vetokatto™ is a brilliant innovation by brothers

Lauri and Leevi Ahonen




"We were setting up trusses for our common detached house in November. Trusses were frosted over and very slippery under foot. That made us think about how slow and dangerous the roof setup is. Late at night, when we were driving home, we got an idea! We could develop a totally new way to set up a roof!"


Now vetokatto has been on market for a while and we improve it continuously to be even better and faster to install.  Additionally we are building up a lightweight roof element, where the top surface is either a traditional sheet metal or a solar thermal collector.

Easy, fast and safe weather protection!

Vetokatto™ patent #201 459 50, # 201 752 17

Vetokatto Oy 2812612-3

Easy, fast and safe weather protection!

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